Lordsett Amaretto Slush

Sire: PL JCH Lordsett Truly Madly Deeply "Texas"
Dam: CH Lordsett Catch Me If You Can "Tora"

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Born: 19/8-2016
Color: Liver/white
Eyes: Clear (aug. 2018)
Gonioscopi: Clear (aug. 2017)
PRA Cord1: Clear (Clear parents)
Fucosidosis: Clear
Born without spores!
Breeder: Kennel Lordsett - Poland
Passed huntingability test - Dag Hassel 3/9-17
Show results:

NORDIC WINNER, Nordic CC, BOS - Nordic winnershow Dogs4all, Caroline Bowels-Robinson 2018
NORWEGIAN and SWEDISH CHAMPION, CAC, 3.BM - NKK Int. Lillehamme, Jan Hareid 2018
2 x BOB, BIG4 and BIG 2 Hundefestivalen 2018
Winner of youthclass at World Dog Show 2018
CACIB, Best male, BOS - NKK Int. Trondheim. Line Paulsby 2018
RCC, 4.BM - SKK Int. Sundsvall, Cathy Delmar 2017
4. BM - NKK Lillehammer, Annelie Karlsson 2017
4. BM - SSRK Sundsvall, Kari Granås Hansen 2017
CC, 2. BM - SSRK Örnsköldsvik, Siv Sandø 2017
CC, 2. BM - Debut SSRK Östersund, Jari Partanen 2017

2. Best In Group puppy
Best In Group puppy on debut
Slush is a funny little man from Poland. He is a active and creative boy with a huge heart. He loves his mom and does anything for her, such a faithful and obedient boy. Slush can be a handful, but he is the kindest dog ever. He charmes his way into our hearts with his funny way of being. He is quite intelligent, and manage to open locked doors and getting out of cages without braking them. Despite those things, he never does anything illigal, he is just a happy boy living a happy life. Slush loves attention, and climbing into the lap getting a big snuggle is highly appreciated. 
Slush has a lovely size with his 51,5 cm. He is very compact and has a short strong body. He got a very beautiful head, with a lovely exspression. His angulation is very balanced, and his feet and bone is quite impressive <3

NO JW-17 Cocoline Catching Fire

Sire: GB SH CH SUPREME AUS CH Sandicam The Look Of Love
Dam: Cocoline Counting Stars

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Born: 22/12 -2016

Color: Liver/white
Eyes: Clear (Jan. 2018)
Gonioscopi: Clear (Jan. 2018)

 Fucosidosis: Clear (out of free parents)
Born without spores!

Breeder: Kennel Cocoline
Living with: Lise (Cocoline)
Owner: Kennel Cocoline


BEST OF BREED, CC, Nordic CC - NKK nat, Marianne Holmli 2018
3. BM, CC - SSRK Østersund, John Slettedal 2017
2. BM, CC - SSRK Østersund, Patrick Ragnarsson 2017
Norwegian Junior winner 2017, RCC (debut) - NKK Int, John Thirlwell 2017

Passed huntingability test, 49 points - Dag Hassel 23/9-17

 3. best puppy in group - Trønderdommeren 2017

Kritikk for Marianne Holmli, kennel Pei Fang: Vakker, kraftfull og elegant, fantastisk hode, med korr linjer og mg bra øreplass. sterk overlinje for alderen, velkroppet, super benstamme og poter, effektive kraftfulle bevegelser, supert beheng, trivelig temp og velpresentert. // Beautiful, powerful and elegant. Fantastic head, with corr lines and very good ear placement. Strong topline for age, well bodied. Super bone and feet. Efficient powerful movements, super feathering, nice temperment and wellpresented.


Comet is our sweetheart! He is a small boy in a big body. Always kind and gentle, loves to cuddle and be close. When you sit down he always come up and sit beside you, leaning in wanting you to scratch his belly. Comet  is a very calm boy, whom loves to work and got a fantastic search in the woods. He will be used for hunting, were he has alot of natural instincts. Comet never has bad intentions with anything he does, and he is a fantastic pack member. Slips right in with all dogs and enviroment. I have a huge gut feeling this boy will become something really special to me <3  Comet has a very well developed forchest, lovely angualited front and rear, lovely tail carriage. Fantastic coat, bone and feet. And his movements, damn this boy knows how to move. His front action is like a dream <3